3 advantages of a stay in the heart of a safari park

3 advantages of a stay in the heart of a safari park

Your stay at Sediba Private Game Lodge means you will be staying in the heart of a safari park. The Welgevonden Game Reserve offers you the chance to see animals like elephants and rhinos up-close. It therefore has many advantages compared to a stay outside the park. Read about the most important advantages here and ensure that your next stay in Africa is also in a safari park!

Close to the action

You can’t get closer to the action than in the heart of a safari park. If you’re lucky and something spectacular happens, you’re in the right place here! As one of the first ones on the scene, a genuine spectacle may well play out before your eyes. You’ll be able to witness that nature documentary that you sometimes watch on TV at home, only this time in real life. Rangers keep in regular contact with each other via the radio and sightings are also passed on to each other. In this way, you’re more likely to see special animals!

Keep your ears open at night

Many of the animals that live on the African continent are nocturnal animals. You will not see them in the daytime, because they are only active at night. So, if you hear suspicious sounds around your villa at night, it’s worth having a quick look. A porcupine may be scratching around in search of food. Or you may be lucky enough to see a rarer animal, like the aardvark. It’s also quite possible that you will hear a lion or a hyena in the distance. It’s just like the Lion King, only real!

The right circumstances

The major advantage of the Welgevonden Game Reserve is that no private vehicles are allowed. The reason for this is in order to give guests the best possible wildlife experience. In this way, the natural environment is also disturbed as little as possible. In addition, animals are never hunted in the reserve. As a result of this, the animals are not scared and allow the game drive vehicles to approach up to a short distance away. These circumstances means you’re more likely to spot the various animals that live here. Keep your eyes open at all times. You never know what you’ll come across!

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