5 Reasons Why A Luxury Safari Should Be On Your Bucket List  

5 Reasons Why A Luxury Safari Should Be On Your Bucket List  

The word luxury isn’t commonly associated with going on a safari. For most people, safaris are  synonymous to rustic affairs in which you camp out in a sleeping bag with lions roaring in the  background. But a fresh and extraordinary service by Sediba Private Game Lodge has been  creeping up over the years that’s sure to leave any traveler with unforgettable memories and  experiences, showcasing the best of both worlds by merging wildlife with opulence.    

Here are 5 reasons why an ostentatious adventure is a must in your travel bucket list:    

1.The Setting  

Situated against the scenic backdrop of Africa, amongst towering trees and breathtaking views of the  mountains, Sediba Private Game Lodge spares no detail in creating a serene haven for guests who  have come to immerse themselves in the beauty and comforts of nature. The dream­like lodges  come straight out of your fantasies and the stunning surroundings are sure to leave you in awe.    

2.The Service  

Five star service in the forest. What could be better than that? Gourmet chefs meticulously pouring  love and care into every meal and a cellar stocked with a selection of exclusive vintage wines are  available at your convenience after a long day of sightseeing and adventures.    

3.The Wildlife  

A South African Safari of course, means wildlife encounters. You will have your choice of game  drives or bush walks to experience the thrill and adventure.that this expedition entails. Welgevonden  is one of the largest reserves in South Africa and is home to over 50 different mammals including the  largest populations of the white rhino. You will have no shortage of wildlife engagement as you travel  through this 37,000 hectare, malaria­free property.    

4.The Tranquility  

Going on a luxury safari is the best way to ‘get away from it all’. Not only are you in a peaceful space  where private vehicles aren’t permitted thus ensuring minimal human impact, you are also presented  with a variety of treatments that are designed to give you a break from your busy life both physically  and mentally. From full body massages to aromatherapy, all the relaxing amenities are available in  the secluded surrounding of your suite.    

5.The Experience  

The overall experience of traveling far from home to see things you don’t see everyday and taking  the time to relax and pamper yourself is a treat that everyone deserves. Spend an evening  stargazing within the wilderness and take in the beauty that mother nature has created for you. A  South African Safari features warm, personal service, fine dining, and quality creature comforts ­all  delivered in some of the world’s wildest settings where you get front row seats to natural beauty and  witness the cycle of life’s raw drama play out. For most people, this is a once in a lifetime  experience. Don’t give up the chance on this amazing escapade and start planning your trip soon!

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