Activities You Can't Miss In Sediba Luxury Lodge

Activities You Can't Miss In Sediba Luxury Lodge

Sediba offers no shortage of unforgettable experiences that will leave you breathless. Home to  over 50 different mammals including the big five, the reserve successfully combines luxury and  adventure in a way that's sure to leave a lasting impression. Read on to see what kind of  activities Sediba has to offer and don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime.    

Game Drives  

A game drive is part of your overall safari experience wherein you are taken on a guided tour of  the reserve to observe animals in their natural habitat and be one with nature. Game drives  usually take place in the early morning and late afternoon because most animals are more  active during cooler times of the day.    

Picture yourself being escorted in an off­road open air vehicle, you stop for sundowners while  enjoying gourmet snacks and premium cocktails while watching the sun disappear in to the  horizon in the distance as you watch the animals make their way to the water hole.    

Informative trained rangers will be assisting you and are ready to answer all your questions.  They are highly skilled in tracking and knowing which places to go and paths to follow so you  don't miss out on seeing your favorite creatures in the flesh.  

This is an amazing nature experience that is both thrilling and relaxing at the same time.  Afterwards, you will be escorted back to your lodge with a postcard­perfect view to take in the  day's events.  

Bush Walks  

You may know it by a different name such as hiking, tramping, hill walking, rambling, trekking or  walking safari.    

A walking safari is a unique and intimate experience where you can be close to the ground, in  nature, following the paths of the Lion or Zebra that may have walked in front of you just a few  hours before.    

This experience lets you walk along the paths away from the comfort of your vehicle and  compare the footprints of the animals right next to your own feet. This excursion makes your  heartbeat a little faster, makes you breathe a little heavier and makes the African environment  all the more magical and wild.    

A bush walk allows you to experience Africa with all of your senses from the scent of the trees to  the feeling of the ground beneath you. Sediba can take care of and organize a bush walk for you  upon request. Just approach the friendly staff and let them know.

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