Waterberg vs Welgevonden

Waterberg vs Welgevonden

Planning a trip to South Africa is almost synonymous to going on a safari. The endless choices  of national parks and game reserves are an intrinsic part of of the overall South African  experience. But with so many options and stunning destinations to choose from in South Africa,  how do you decide which one is best suited for your taste and needs? We’ve narrowed it down  to our top two and though they may have the same highlights, they also have a lot of  differences.    


Waterberg lies on an intercontinental divergence zone which features a more lush environment  than anywhere else in Africa. This area is naturally home to over 40 different animal species  including the giraffe, white rhino, sable antelope, buffalo, and zebra to name a few.    

Waterberg is a recognized UNESCO world heritage site and has been dubbed a World  Biosphere Reserve with its beauty that covers 14,500 sq km. This area boasts of stunning  vistas, mountain gorges, crystal clear streams and rolling bushveld hills. Waterberg is  immensely rich in cultural, archaeological and biological diversity. Early settlers can be traced  back to over 2000 years ago.    


Welgevonden is Dutch for “well found”. Which is a perfect way to describe this rugged beauty of  land. Rich wooded mountains cut by deep rocky ravines and magical gorges make  Welgevonden Game Reserve a stunning piece of Africa. This area is a 34,850ha game reserve  in the Waterberg District, of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Just like Waterberg,  Welgevonden is a Biosphere Reserve which was officially declared by UNESCO in 2001 and  currently covers an area in excess of 4000 km².

This game reserve is home to over 50 different mammals including the big five: the lion, leopard,  rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. You may also find rare species here too such as: the  brown hyena, pangolin, aardwolf and aardvark – all best seen at night.    

The Welgevonden Game Reserve is absolutely malaria free. It is the perfect destination for  experiencing the sweeping view of the horizon, the exhilarating rush of being amongst wildlife but simultaneously, the feeling of safety and security.    

Welgevonden in particular is known for its efforts in protecting the earth’s natural heritage. By  offering travellers a haven in which to experience a meaningful and fascinating journey.    

Waterberg and Welgevonden both have a lot to offer, each reserve has its own special  character, landscape and wildlife. These game reserves are vital in sustaining the natural bounty  of flora and fauna in Africa.

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