Which accommodation type should I choose when staying at Sediba?

Which accommodation type should I choose when staying at Sediba?

Whether you're a safari first­timer hoping to catch your first glimpse of the Big Five or you're a  safari enthusiast with a specific sighting mission, Sediba Luxury Safari Lodge doesn't  disappoint. The lodge offers some of the best and most luxurious accommodations in the area  that match the stunning environment and majestic wildlife.    

Sediba is composed of two all­suite lodges, Rock Lodge and Mountain Lodge. The 2 lodges are approximately a 10 ­minute drive apart. The lodges are equipped with swimming pools, a library, fitness facilities along with beauty treatments, a bar, and a wine cellar.  


The Rock lodge is composed of ten spacious luxury double villas while the Mountain Lodge offers a more recluse experience with five luxury double villas. Each villa provides its guests  with the best of modern day comforts with magnificent views overlooking the Waterberg  mountains. The villa decks have built­in Jacuzzis and outdoor showers where guests can  indulge in total privacy.    

Larger groups of travelers and safari goers can opt for staying in the Rock Lodge as it can house more groups of people. The lodge also offers a one of a kind dining experience in Natural  Rock Boma that the Sediba website describes with "The impressive structure of solid rock walls  combined with spectacular light, smoke and fire effects, provide the illusion of dining in a cave  starlit by the African sky.".    


This lodge extends a more secluded environment for those who wish to have a more intimate and private stay in Sediba. Since the lodge is composed of just five villas,  the sense of peace and isolation becomes more evident in these accommodations. Ideal for small groups and families.  

No matter which type of accommodation you choose, Sediba promises a unique African  experience with personalized five­star service and attention that this side of the world has to offer.  

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