Spoil yourself just a little more and visit our luxurious spa, beauty salon and/or sauna facilities. Book a beauty treatment or relaxing massage and let our professional and experienced staff pamper you with superior service. Can’t sit still? For those who’d like to workout, Rock Lodge offers a fully equipped gym to keep you moving. Transport from/to Mountain Lodge is available, or you could just walk and have a little extra workout -  with a fabulous view for free!


Clear the safari dust from your skin and pores with a deep cleanse sweating session. Rock Lodge offers a relaxing and invigorating sauna those who crave a different kind of heat. Wrap yourself in a clean, fluffy towel afterwards and just relax on the nearby deck. (As these facilities are available to all guests, swimwear is mandatory.)


Most people go on holiday to relax and do as little as possible. But for those who do want to stay active, Rock Lodge offers a fully equipped and free accessible gym so you can stay in motion and workout whenever you want.

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